The Island Park Schools mission statement indicates that all children will have opportunities to excel.  The schools provide outstanding programs for youngsters to develop their talents academically, artistically, physically, and socially.  Click on any of the links below to learn more about the special opportunities available to Island Park students.


Excellent Facilities


  • Preventative maintenance program
  • Renovation of old library to Conference Center
  • New and additional security lighting and monitors
  • Repaving of sidewalks at Conference Center and Lincoln Orens Middle School
  • Repaving of Lincoln Orens Middle School driveway
  • New doors in all buildings
  • Renovation of Hegarty hallways and classroom floors
  • Regarding of Hegarty field

Community Use of Buildings & Fields

  • Local organizations (theater, sports teams, etc.)
  • Service agencies (Red Cross, Girl and Boy Scouts, etc.)

Excellent Financial Management by Board of Education

Financial Management by Board of Education

  • Sound fiscal controls and accounting procedures
  • Effective long range planning for school programs, personnel, maintenance, and technology
  • School tax rate among the lowest in Nassau County
  • Cooperative programs with other school districts and municipalities to obtain financial advantages for:

-purchasing of materials, supplies, and contracted services (Nassau BOCES)
-insurance - general liability, property, and worker's compensation (NYSIR & Nassau Workers Compensation Coop)
-banking services (Long Island Municipal Banking Consortium)
-transportation (Southwest Nassau Transportation Consortium)

Excellent Private and Parochial Services


Private and Parochial School Services

Do you know that the district pays for or provides...?

  • Textbooks

  • Health services (school nurse athletic physicals, speech therapy, psychological counseling, etc.)

  • Transportation beyond the NYS state mandate (buses travel up to 25 miles though the NYS mandate is 15 miles)

Excellent Staff


  • Meet rigorous, competitive Civil Service standards through examination system
  • 100% of our staff members spend a minimum of ten hours each year engaged in professional development training that takes place after school
  • Receive fingerprint security clearance

Newsday Letter to the Editor: Higher Performing School District

Congratulations Are In Order

Letter To the Editor - Newsday: June, 2008

I was extremely pleased to learn that the New York State Department of Education recently named the Lincoln Orens Middle School and the Francis X. Hegarty Elementary School as "higher performing school districts and/or schools." According to the DOE, this distinction is bestowed on schools that meet all applicable standards in English and mathematics and made significant progress in other academic criteria.

I would like to congratulate Island Park Superintendent Dr. Ed Price and the Board of Education for putting the policies in place to achieve this distinction. I also want to commend the individual school principals and the teachers for doing such a terrific job of running the school on a daily basis and providing our students with the best possible education. Lastly, I wish to acknowledge the support of the parents, and the hard work and dedication of the students. Such an award is the result of all of these groups working together for the betterment of the school and school district.

Anthony Santino
Hempstead Town Councilman

NYS Dept of Education Higher Performing School District

May 15, 2008 - Francis X. Hegarty Elementary School and Lincoln Orens Middle School were named “High Performing/Gap Closing” under the No Child Left Behind Act by Regents Chancellor Robert M. Bennett and State Education Commissioner Richard Mills. “High Performing/Gap Closing” schools and districts have been recognized because they met all applicable State standards for English Language Arts (ELA) and math during the 2006-07 school year and also made Adequate Yearly Progress (AYP) in ELA and math for two consecutive years.