Board Members

Jack Vobis

Diana Caracciolo
Vice President

Kathleen McDonough

Ray Miley

Tara Byrne


IP Board of Education

District Administration - Island Park Public School

Marianne DeCicco
District Clerk

Brian Cleary

Lamb & Barnosky, LLP
Counsel to the Board

Public Information Officer



Island Park UFSD
Board of Education

(516) 434-2600


Friends and Neighbors:

The Island Park Board of Education is the authorized state agency responsible for setting educational policy in the district.  It consists of five trustees, each serving a five-year term.  Board members pay school taxes at the regular rate and receive no salary or other financial compensation.

All meetings, except executive sessions *, are held before the public.  Members of the public may address the Board of Education on any specific item during the time reserved for that purpose known as “Public Be Heard.”  Those who would like to raise a question or share an idea may do so by placing their name on the sign-in sheet.  They will be called upon by the Board President in the order in which their name appears on the sheet.  Visitors should not address the Board in public relative to questions or comments regarding specific staff members or specific students.  Such concerns should be brought to the attention of the appropriate teacher or administrator in writing or by scheduling a personal meeting.

Visitors’ comments and/or questions will be limited for each individual speaker.  An individual may speak only once on a specific topic.  Visitors are precluded from speaking on any item more than once during each meeting.  If time allows, an individual may question or comment again on a different topic once all other persons have had an opportunity to question or comment for their first time.

Visitors’ questions and/or comments are always to be directed to the Board of Education during the Public Be Heard session.  Hence, visitors should not be speaking to or addressing any other person in the audience during this time.  We appreciate your interest in attending Board Meetings and we look forward to ensuring that all members of the community have an equal opportunity to raise questions and to make suggestions.
If you are unable to attend Board Meetings but would like to contact the Board, you may do so by forwarding a letter in writing (via hand delivery or US postal mail). Do not send email. Responding to the number of daily emails received by the district would require additional staffing and result in additional cost. In addition, for security reasons the District must control the spam and emails with potential viral infection to its network.

Thank you.
Your Board of Education