Bond, Capital and FEMA Projects

Summer 2018

LOMS:   Most of the roofing project will be completed in the next two weeks.  Renovation of canopies at Steven L Foster Auditorium, Audubon Blvd entrance, and at the back entrances of the gymnasium will continue into the beginning of school but will not interfere with school activities. 

FXH:  Roofing project will be completed in the next two weeks.

FXH: Substructure project for the Warwick Road side of the elementary school building is nearing completion.  Helical pilings (19-25 feet in length) were installed and all elements of the existing substructure were sandblasted and painted.  Structural steel will be installed between the pilings beginning next week.  This project complements a similar one completed in 1995 for the Deal Road side of the building.  Installation of new flooring will begin next week for select classrooms. The final stage of the substructure project under the Radcliffe Road section of the building will be completed next summer. 

Air Quality Testing:  Air quality tests have been conducted as required by law with respect to asbestos abatement projects pertaining to the roofing work at LOMS and FXH.  At the end of the month our annual air quality testing will be conducted by Enviroscience in both school buildings. 

FEMA Mitigation Project:  Thanks to assistance from Assemblywoman Kathleen Rice, our FEMA mitigation timeline for installation of the stackable flood gates and louvres has been extended.  Fabrication of the gates and louvres will begin after Labor Day.  We anticipate completion to occur at the end of February.

Spring 2018


  • Classroom Doors:  Installation of new doors has been completed in both buildings.
  • LOMS Fence: Perimeter fence and gates have been installed. The plan for the fence was developed in cooperation with the Island Park Fire Department, Fourth Precinct, Homeland Security, and our custodians (those responsible for cutting the grass and removing snow). In particular, we were both  cognizant of best practices for ensuring student safety as well as ensuring emergency responders’ access to the building and fields in the event of a serious car accident on Austin Blvd and the necessity of an airlift via helicopter with assistance from emergency vehicles (fire truck, ambulance, etc). 
  • New Roofs: In April, we received approval for the roofing project from the State Education Department.  The roofing projects for FXH and LOMS have gone out to bid.  We hope to award the roofing projects to one or two vendors at the June Board Meeting.
  • New Science Classrooms: In April, the superintendent, assistant superintendent, middle school principal, middle school science teachers, and two architects met to begin planning science room design and renovation options.
  • District-wide Mitigation Improvements:  In May, we met with contractors regarding water flow barriers that will be installed at FXH, LOMS, Conference Center, and Island Park Public Library.  We are waiting to hear from FEMA about project deadlines.
  • FXH Infrastructure: On June 25, we will begin mechanical preparation under the building for installation of eighty-six helical pilings. An RFP for Project Manager was distributed and we plan to award it at the June Board Meeting.


Winter 2018

Numerous capital projects included in the bond are moving forward, and the district is excited about the changes that will be taking place to improve facilities over the next several months.

Francis X. Hegarty School infrastructure work that involves pilings under the foundation along Warwick and Radcliffe Roads will commence at the end of June, as it has been approved by the State Education Department and the bid was awarded to Specialty Construction Systems, Inc. State and FEMA approvals were recently granted for mitigation projects at Hegarty, Lincoln Orens Middle School, the Conference Center and the Public Library. A bid was awarded, and the district is awaiting State approval for floodgate storage containers so that the work can, hopefully, begin this summer.

New classroom doors with small-paned glass that reduces vision range have been installed at Hegarty and Lincoln Orens. Roof replacements at both schools are currently awaiting State approval. Once received, the Board will go out to bid and award a contractor. Casework (cupboards, cubbies and closets) plans have been completed and the district has selected the casework from a contractor on a State bid.

Fall 2017

Projects for the bond are proceeding as planned. Classroom security doors that were on back order are being installed, and construction for the districtwide roof replacement and recovery is anticipated for this summer. Several other projects have been submitted to State Education Department for approval, and the Board will be reviewing the timeline for future bond work.

The district is discussing the possible installation of a black chain-link fence (5 feet in height) around the fields at the Lincoln Orens Middle School. Student safety is of the utmost importance, and a great deal has been done over the years to secure the buildings’ interiors and outdoor grounds. New perimeter fencing was installed last year at Francis X. Hegarty School and in select locations at Lincoln Orens; additional high-definition cameras were installed outside of both schools.