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Letter to Community re LIPA-Nassau Co Settlement

Dear Island Park Community Members,

On April 25, 2022, the Nassau County Legislature voted to approve a Tax Certiorari Settlement Agreement between the County and LIPA with respect to two power generating facilities in Nassau County (EF Barrett - Island Park & Glenwood Landing - North Shore). The settlement agreement goes into effect for the 2022-2023 school year. Over the next five-year period, this agreement reduces the amount of property tax LIPA pays by approximately 46.5%. The agreement is structured as a five-year glidepath which declares the property (Barrett facility) tax exempt and removed from the assessment rolls. The Assessor will now replace the current taxed property with a payment on the School Tax Bills for each tax parcel at issue. Such payment will not be a real property tax payment, but instead a “direct assessment.”

The District has requested that the County provide information related to the potential impacts to the community, including how the settlement will impact tax rates for the other taxpayers within the community. The District has no ability to estimate how the proposed school levy will impact community tax payments without information from the County. We are continuing to work with the County and will provide this information to the community as soon as it is received.

In order to mitigate these sharp tax increases on the community, the School District is working with LIPA and the County to soften the impact to the community during the three-four years after the settlement through ongoing negotiations related to the District’s third-party beneficiary lawsuit appeal. The District is working with special counsel to begin the preparation of a formal contract encompassing all elements of this settlement agreement.

The School District and LIPA are working towards a resolution of this matter and hope to have terms of such resolution in the near future. When terms are finalized, we will share them with the community and explain the plan for how the funding could be used during the three-four year period after the settlement to help offset some of the burden to the taxpayers.

We are hopeful that ongoing settlement discussions with the County and LIPA will continue and result in a positive outcome for the School District and community, to ensure we can continue to provide an educational experience that our community has come to expect for our students.

For a review of the presentation from the April 26, 2022, Board of Education meeting, including how the District has continued to fight for our schools and community, please go to the District website:

Yours truly,
The Island Park Board of Education

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LIPA-Northport/E Northport Settlement Announced in Newsday

It has been reported in Newsday that the Northport/ East Northport school district has apparently authorized a settlement in principle with LIPA. We are greatly disappointed that they have apparently given up the fight in Court against LIPA without consulting with the Island Park school board and the other stakeholders who have jointly resisted LIPA’s efforts to decimate our tax base. We plan on attending the public hearing Northport is scheduling next week on the proposed settlement and will make our views known. [See:].

Long Island LIPA 

Nassau County-LIPA Barrett Proposed Settlement
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Thank you for joining representatives from Nassau County and the Long Island Power Authority for an informational meeting regarding the County-LIPA E.F. Barrett Power Plant settlement on Wednesday, January 15, 2020.

This temporary website is a resource for Island Park residents to understand the potential impact of this settlement on the community.

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