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    Message From Superintendent - Coronavirus

    Dear Families,

    I am writing as follow-up to a meeting that I attended today with the Nassau County Health (NCDH) Commissioner, Lawrence Eisenstein M.D., regarding the novel Coronavirus (COVID 19).

    As you know from media coverage, Coronavirus is a respiratory illness that can spread from person to person. Symptoms include fever, cough and trouble breathing or shortness of breath. Thousands of cases have been confirmed in China and new cases have been diagnosed in a number of countries, including the U.S. To date, no case of the virus has been confirmed in New York State.

    Dr. Eisenstein provided the following information:

    • Doctors are familiar with a variety of common Coronaviruses; however, COVID 19 is a novel (new) strain. There are currently four types of common Coronaviruses transmitted person to person in the U.S. and most countries around the world. The common cold as well as SARS are in the family of Coronaviruses.  Coronaviruses also cause a variety of diseases in animals and birds such as cows, pigs, and chickens. It is believed that a Coronavirus present in an animal jumped the species barrier to humans causing the new strain.
    • Generally, the incubation period for common Coronaviruses is 2-5 days. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) are being very conservative in their management of the disease by keeping individuals quarantined for up to 14 days from the first day of exposure.
    • The NCDH is being alerted by the NYS Department of State when someone has been exposed to the illness and is being monitored or quarantined.
    • Researchers at the University of Texas are developing a vaccine for the new Coronavirus, but it will take a minimum of one year until one is ready for distribution.

    Dr. Eisenstein provided the following advice:

    • The NCDH will alert school districts directly if there is cause for concern, including families in the district who have been exposed to the virus and are subject to quarantine.
    • This is flu season and it is not too late for adults and children to be vaccinated for the flu. By vaccinating against the flu, more people can remain healthy. Fewer cases of flu will help lessen the demand on health care workers and other resources, should the new Coronavirus emerge.
    • It is believed the new Coronavirus, like the flu, spreads through infected water droplets from coughs and sneezes, especially when people are within 6 feet of one another. Students must continue to be taught to cough and sneeze into a tissue that can be disposed of; however, if they do not have a tissue, they should cough and sneeze into their arm. All adults must model this behavior.
    • Washing hands often with soap and water for at least 20 seconds or cleaning hands with a sanitizer (of at least 60% alcohol) is the best defense against transmission. This is because infected water droplets from coughs and sneezes transmit germs when they enter someone else's eyes, nose or mouth. Because it is not known how long the virus “lives” on surfaces, we must not touch our eyes, nose, and mouth with unwashed/unsanitized hands.
    • The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), NYS Education Department (SED), and Nassau County Department of Health (NCDH) suggest:
    • The risk to residents and students is low. At this time of year, there are many possible causes for respiratory illness. Therefore, there is no need to cancel school or students’ social events, and there is no need for students or school staff to wear surgical masks at school.
    • Schools should continue to clean and disinfect frequently touched objects and surfaces.

    Please know that the District is working to keep our students and employees healthy by following established standard precautions. This includes daily cleaning and sanitizing protocols for high touch point areas as outlined by the CDC, SED, and NCDH.

    We will keep you informed of any changes. Please visit our website and FB pages for timely communications.
    Thank you.

    Yours sincerely,

    Rosmarie T. Bovino, Ed.D.
    Superintendent of Schools

    Island Park Public Schools
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    Lincoln Orens Parent/Teacher Conferences

    Dear Parent(s)/Guardian(s):

    We are pleased to announce that for our March Parent/Teacher Conferences this year, Lincoln Orens Middle School will be using an on-line appointment system to schedule all conferences. Our families will now have the opportunity to schedule an appointment on-line to meet with your child’s teacher(s) regarding their academic progress. Parent Teacher Conferences are scheduled to be held as follows:

    Thursday, March 12, 2020 from 6:30 p.m.- 8:30 p.m.

    Friday, March 13, 2020 from 2:00 p.m.- 3:30 p.m.

    Please note that on Friday, March 13th, students will be dismissed at 1:10 p.m.

    This system will allow greater flexibility in scheduling the conferences. Starting Monday, March 2, 2020, at 8:00 a.m., you will have the opportunity to schedule your appointment(s). The scheduling portal will close at 5 p.m. on Tuesday, March 10, 2020. Appointments will be scheduled in 5-minute increments for grades 6 – 8 and in 10-minute increments for grade 5. Appointment scheduling is on a first-come, first-served basis.

    Please see the directions on the reverse side.

    If you are unable to schedule a conference during these times or need help in navigating the on-line scheduling system, please call the school’s Online Scheduler Specialist, Mr. Michael Martin, at: (516) 434-2617

    I look forward to seeing you at our upcoming conferences.

    Bruce Hoffman, Ed.D.

    Island Park Public Schools
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    Hegarty Celebrates Valentines and Veterans

    Students at Francis X. Hegarty Elementary School in Island Park took a special approach to Valentine’s Day festivities with a tribute to the community’s veterans on Feb. 14. Veterans from American Legion Post 1029, many of whom are district alumni, visited the building and received a warm welcome in the library. They introduced themselves and discussed their roles as servicemen and servicewoman, and were presented with handmade gifts from the students.

    The children and adults then sat together at tables to construct Valentine’s Day cards that they filled with positive messages and illustrated with symbols of kindness and caring. The cards, created from craft supplies and other decorations, were distributed to other veterans on Long Island as a token of appreciation.

    Island Park Public Schools
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    Board Meeting Brings Student Recognitions

    The Island Park Public Schools’ Jan. 27 Board of Education Meeting featured student achievements, district news and important information regarding the LIPA lawsuit.

    The evening began with a spotlight on Students of the Month who represented each grade at Francis X. Hegarty Elementary School and Lincoln Orens Middle School. Kylie Harper (kindergarten), Brianna McNally (grade 1), Jonah Naccha (grade 2), Maya Lubold (grade 3), Denis Manzanares Pena (grade 4), Jameson Nurnberger (grade 5), Rachel Guzman (grade 6), Adrianna Fandaros (grade 7) and Daniella Kouletsis (grade 8) received medals and certificates of excellence. Kindergartner Melina Pothos, who was unable to attend her Student of the Month recognition in December, joined this group to accept her award and prizes. Principals Cynthia Cameron and Dr. Bruce Hoffman read remarks from the students’ respective teachers that described their excellent character and positive leadership qualities.

    Superintendent of Schools Dr. Rosmarie Bovino shared positive announcements regarding graduates. The total Long Beach High School graduation rate as well as that pertaining specifically to Island Park students is 96%. The Class of 2019’s Island Park students attained Advanced Regents Diploma and Regents Diploma rates of 40% and 48.6%, respectively.

    “The students are performing well, and I think that’s a terrific sign of things to come as we move forward,” Dr. Bovino said.

    The meeting also included an update on the district’s lawsuit against LIPA and steps that are being taken to advocate for tax relief for the community. There has still been no decision rendered by Justice Emerson with regard to Island Park, although there is the strong likelihood a summary judgment will be issued in LIPA’s favor.

    Nassau County’s settlement with LIPA to implement a PILOT, which has yet to be approved by the County Legislature, was outlined at a community meeting on Jan. 21 and can be viewed online at www.barrettsettlement.com. It is also on the district website.

    The district is working with its elected officials to explore options that would mitigate the settlement’s impact on Island Park residents. This includes seeking passage of a state Senate bill that provides financial assistance to local governments (including school districts) that experience financial distress due to successful tax certiorari challenges or settlements. The district is also advocating for a change in its combined wealth ratio, a large factor in determining the amount of state aid allocated to school districts. It will additionally consider how unrestricted reserve funds can be used to help lessen the impact of PILOTs or new Property Tax Assessments, i.e., Adjusted Base Proportions on homeowners. To view recent reports and information, please visit www.ips.k12.ny.us.

    Island Park Public Schools
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    Culture of kindness shines in Island Park

    Island Park’s culture of kindness was especially plentiful during No Name-Calling Week, observed between Jan. 21-24. With the goal of promoting safe and caring environments, Lincoln Orens Middle School and Francis X. Hegarty Elementary School each held activities based on the district’s Six Pillars of Character: Respect, caring, trustworthiness, fairness, citizenship and responsibility.

    Guidance counselor Andrea Porzelt and school social workers Allison Janofsky and Felicita Carranza coordinated an assortment of initiatives that emphasized positive behaviors and actions.

    Lincoln Orens held a “Kindness Counts” campaign in which teachers handed out certificates to students seen demonstrating kindness. At the end of the week, those recognized were entered into a raffle for a snack pass. A mural created by art teacher Naomi Seifert illustrating the six pillars was displayed in the hallway and a No Name Calling Week poem written by Student Council members was read over the PA system. Students promised to carry ethical values into the future and signed a No Name-Calling Week Pledge.

    Hegarty students read and discussed kindness quotes during morning announcements and reviewed related activities such as Anti-Bullying Week and Acts of Kindness Month. They reinforced the significance of the paper chain that was created in December and remains on display in the cafeteria as a year-round symbol of kindness. An at-home activity prompted students to express themselves by listing qualities they would like their peers to notice they possess. The elementary students culminated the week with a special “crumpled paper” exercise that shed light on the lasting negative impact of bullying, while simultaneously promoting empathy and compassion.

    At both schools, students and staff members dressed to show their support of the six pillars. Each day, they wore specific colors representative of the qualities discussed.

    Island Park Public Schools
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    Menu change for Lincoln Orens Middle School



    2/27/2020, Lunch will be Chicken Tenders, Crinkle Cut French Fries and Carrots

    2/28/2020, Lunch will be Pizza and Tossed Green Salad


    Please note during the Lent season, Pizza will be served on Fridays at Lincoln Orens Middle School and F.X. Hegarty Elementary School. 


    This will be reflected on the March menu.


    Island Park Public Schools
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    Island Park Robotics Teams Advance to Long Island Championships

    On Jan. 25, Lincoln Orens Middle School students competed in the FIRST Lego League Qualifiers at Huntington High School. Two teams, Axleotls and the I.P. Boxes of Juice, have been working toward their goal of reaching the Long Island Championships. At the culmination of the six-hour event, where students faced off on the robotics tables against other schools and presented research to judges, both groups were successful in obtaining invitations to the March 1 Championship round at Longwood High School.

    Of the 26 teams competing at this event, The Axleotls and Boxes of Juice were among only six that were selected to move on. In addition to advancing to the next level and excelling at building and programming robots, both teams received awards for their work on their Innovation Projects. Axleotls members Diego Arce, Angelina Deik, Riley Fallon, Rachel Guzman, Kirsten Lilly, Brianna Pucci, Nico Thertus, Benjamin Torres, Alexandra Hernandez and John Weber received the Project Research Award for their research in filtering clean water with the use of flocculators and French drains.

    The I.P. Boxes of Juice, comprised of Valentina Boncina, Cillian Cantwell, Billy Doyle, Katelyn Howell, Allyana Marie Lucas, Sophia Stevenson, Cameron Straub, Xavier Straub, Emily Trainor and Matilda Zarcone, earned the Project Innovative Solution Award for finding five methods to prevent devastation from flooding. They highlighted floating houses, “thirsty” sidewalks, houses on stilts, seawalls, and wetlands.

    With guidance from teachers and Robotics Club advisors Robert Ferrante and Michael Giardino, students pushed themselves to complete various tasks during meetings and lunch and recess periods. In the week leading up to the Qualifier, many students took time after school each day to stay and work on their projects.

    Congratulations, and best of luck to the students of the Axleotls and I.P. Boxes of Juice as they prepare for the Long Island Championships!

    Island Park Public Schools
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    Nassau County-LIPA Barrett Settlement Community Resource Page

    Thank you for joining representatives from Nassau County and the Long Island Power Authority for an informational meeting regarding the County-LIPA E.F. Barrett Power Plant settlement on Wednesday, January 15, 2020.

    This temporary website is a resource for Island Park residents to understand the potential impact of this settlement on the community.


    Island Park Public Schools
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    Island Park Alum Earns QuestBridge Scholarships

    Anna Xiao, a graduate of the Island Park Public Schools and current senior at Long Beach High School, is among a select group of outstanding students across the nation who have earned prestigious QuestBridge National College Match scholarships. She was selected for the honor, which grants her a full four-year scholarship to Northwestern University, based on her academic success and completion of a rigorous application process.

    QuestBridge received 14,926 applications this year, from which 5,842 finalists were identified. A record number of 1,127 exceptional students went on to secure scholarship awards.

    Anna is an International Baccalaureate Diploma Program candidate, National Honor Society and World Language Honor Society member and active volunteer in the community. She participates in Long Beach High School’s Talented Writers Program and Fragments Literary Magazine, for which she serves as a senior editor. Last year, she won two Scholastic Art and Writing Program awards – a gold key and an honorable mention – for her poetry.

    In addition to being an accomplished writer, Anna is strongly skilled in the subject of mathematics. She is a member of the high school’s Math Club and plans to pursue collegiate studies in statistics or data science with long-term aspirations to become an actuary.

    Anna is a member of the Key Club, which focuses on community service initiatives. Outside of school, she participates in the Big Brothers/Big Sisters organization and volunteers at a church.

    The district is proud to congratulate Anna on this extraordinary achievement.

    Island Park Public Schools
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    BOE Meeting - Barrett Power Plant: Where Are We?

    Board of Education Meeting
    December 16, 2019
    Superintendent's Report
    Dr. Rosmarie T Bovino

    See Report attached...

    Island Park Public Schools

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Nassau County-LIPA Barrett Proposed Settlement
Community Resource Page

Thank you for joining representatives from Nassau County and the Long Island Power Authority for an informational meeting regarding the County-LIPA E.F. Barrett Power Plant settlement on Wednesday, January 15, 2020.

This temporary website is a resource for Island Park residents to understand the potential impact of this settlement on the community.


  • Introduction by Nassau County Executive Laura Curran re: Rationale for Proposed Settlement between the County and LIPA (4 mins, 48 secs) Click here...
  • LIPA PPT Click here... 
  • Q & A: Community Questions Asked of LIPA and County with Responses (1 hr, 28 mins, 43 sec) Click here...
  • Transcript of Q&A Session Click here...