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  • Students tackle LEGO competition

    Computer club students at Lincoln Orens Middle School in the Island Park Public Schools participated in the FIRST LEGO League Competition on Jan. 28 at Mineola High School. This year’s theme, titled the Animal Allies Challenge, allowed participants to choose and solve real-world problems in the area of human and animal interaction while building working cars out of LEGOS.

    Since October, the students prepared for the event by working after school every Wednesday on their programming and robotics skills. The Challenge expected teams to build, test and program an autonomous robot using LEGO MINDSTORMS technology to solve a number of missions. Missions included having a robot pick up a shark tank out of LEGOS and carrying it to the proper location on the table-top playing field. The competition also stressed teamwork by allowing students to work with another school for two of the rounds, known as Ally Rounds.

    Coached by teachers Christine Chu and Robert Ferrante, the team presented a poster and play in which they wrote themselves, at the beginning of the competition. The focus was on endangered animals in the wild and students acted as hunters and naturalists. The team also adopted an African elephant from the World Wildlife Fund as part of the cause and received a certificate of adoption. 

    This was the first qualifying tournament for the team with some team members new to the robotic world.

    “I haven’t really programmed anything so it was hard figuring out which way to go and how to make it work,” said fifth-grader said Delia Fallon. “I found that it works better if you work together.”

    “We’ve never done anything like this before,” said sixth-grader William Adler. “The shark tank, crosswalk and the pig were difficult. I had to program my robot to hit each mark in one go.”

    The students are currently preparing for their next robotics competition at Adelphi University on May 6.

    Island Park Public Schools
  • Island Park honors science scholars

    On Friday, Feb. 3, Island Park’s Lincoln Orens Middle School recognized 27 students whose projects were selected as winners in the building’s annual Science Fair on Jan. 12. For their excellent presentation of research and experiments, honorees were formally celebrated during a Science Fair Awards Breakfast.

    The top 10 projects from seventh-graders and eighth-graders were identified. Some students worked individually while others paired up for their explorations and discoveries. Seventh-grade winners were Daniel Rosenberg for “The effect of gravity on root growth,” John Gleeson for “The effect of inorganic and organic fertilizer on the amount of nitrogen in run-off,” Gabriella Kouletsis and Geremiah Evangelista for “Energy in the wind,” Nikki DeCicco and Victoria Lugo for “Acid rain to Blame,” Madison Powers for “Which fruit juice has the most Vitamin C,” Dylan Lane and Robert Adler for “Smoke on the fabric,” Jaclyn Keon and Summer Spiteri for “Shampoo effects on dyed hair,” Sophina Miotto for “Clean, Cleaner, Cleanest,” Emilyanne Riano and Natalia LoMacchio for “An aerobic exercise” and Max Epstein for “How does aspirin help plants grow?”

    Eighth-grade winners included Morgan Polete for “Vertical Farming,” Joseph Shaw for “Does Age Affect Short-Term Memory,” Adrian Teodoro for “Do Artificial Sweeteners, Like Splenda, Increase Blood Sugar Levels,” Michael Haggerty for “Do Distractions Affect Driving Video Game Scores,” Laurelai Pelinsky for “Does Acid Rain Affect Aquatic Life,” Maryrose Carnazza for “Who Will Rise to the Top,” Dylan Bacigalupo for “Does a Change in Water Temperature Impact a Fish’s Ability to Breathe,” Meagan Kogan and Erica D’Aria for “How Do Different Liquids Affect Plant Growth,” Benjamin Upbin and Abel Rodriguez for “ADHD – Out of Focus” and Scott DerGarabedian for “Does Music Affect Concentration?”

    “This year, all the work that went into science-based inquiry was very evident,” Principal Vincent Randazzo said. “Today is a good day to celebrate our science department and where it is going.”

    Mr. Randazzo thanked the community for its support of the recent bond referendum, which he explained will provide updates to science classrooms.

    Science teachers Karen Davis, Kristiana Sefchek and Philip DeSantis introduced the students and presented them with plaques, and breakfast was served to the award recipients and their guests courtesy of the PTA. 

    Island Park Public Schools
  • Island Park parents join students at school

    Island Park’s Francis X. Hegarty School held its annual Physical Education Open House on Feb. 7 as a way for parents/guardians to witness some of the activities that their children take part in during a typical day. Students were excited to share a component of their school experience with their guests, who cheered them on from the bleachers with enthusiasm.

    Students participated in an assortment of group athletics games that were centered on teamwork, collaboration and sportsmanship. This year’s event featured a cinema theme, and the gymnasium was decorated accordingly with movie posters and memorabilia.  Music such as “Eye of the Tiger” and “Star Wars Theme Song” were played as students demonstrated sports and dance skills.

    Lincoln Orens Middle School provides similar opportunities for parents to join their children in their school settings. The building hosted a Physical Education demo in January, during which sixth-grade students and their parents were invited to an evening of sports action in the gymnasium. The fifth grade circus performance on Friday, February 17, which is part of the National Circus Project sponsored by the PTA, teaches skills during physical education periods during the week of February 13. This program combines physical movement and the arts.  The seventh and eighth grades will have the opportunity to demonstrate their athletic and sportsmanship skills at Sports Night on the evening of April 27.  Both schools’ events showcase the district’s encouragement of health and wellness through initiatives that connect physical fitness, family and fun.    

    “Parents have a knowledge of the curriculum and program, and it is important for them to see the actual activities that their kids engage in, the learning process and what we offer,” said Hegarty Principal Jacob Russum.

    A FLES Open House event, scheduled for March, will highlight the Island Park Public Schools’ Spanish language program, which begins in pre-kindergarten.

    Island Park Public Schools
  • The art of Africa

    Students in Ms. Roberts’ fourth-grade class at Francis X. Hegarty Elementary School worked on Zulu warrior shields in their art class on Feb. 1 as part of art teacher Diane Horn’s Art of Africa unit. Horn selects a different country each year to serve as inspiration for the students’ art projects.

    To prepare, the class learned about Africa, the history of Zulu warrior shields and discussed how to create one of their own. Students used construction paper, paint, oil pastels, glue, sticks, feathers, a hole puncher and string to craft their shields. They had the freedom to personalize the shield to their liking and include their family crest to the center.

    “I love it because it’s fun and challenging,” said student Anabell Cipra. “I like that we get to use different objects throughout the project.”

    In addition to Zulu warrior shields, Francis X. Hegarty students are creating African masks, mud cloths, Akua-ba Dolls, ceramic sculptures of African animals, watercolor paintings, decorative necklaces, kente cloth and are learning weaving, metalwork and how to tie dye.

    A display of some of the students artwork is featured in the Island Park Public Library. The showcase includes second grader’s Akua-ba Dolls, third grader's Pinch Pots and fourth graders ceramic sculptures of African animals. Soon the library will include the kindergartners’ African masks on a stick, third graders’ metallic embossing and fourth graders’ metallic masks.

    Island Park Public Schools
  • Sixteen Students Represent Island Park in Musical Ensembles

    A total of sixteen Lincoln Orens Middle School students were accepted to prestigious performance ensembles based on the scores they earned at the New York State School Music Association Solo Evaluation Festival in 2016. They represent some of the most talented musicians in Nassau County and on Long Island.

    Fourteen students were featured in the Nassau Music Educators Association’s All-County concerts, held in January at the Tilles Center for the Performing Arts. Vocalists Fabiana Boncina, Brianna Cadiz, Celeste Consigli, Emily Feil, Marie Murphy and Cassidy Pena participated in the All-County Chorus. Violinists Hailey Cardiello, Sebastian Diaz, Kaetlyn Lee and Abel Rodriguez and violist Jessica Vobis performed with the All-County Orchestra. Clarinetists AnnaMarie Aebly, Daniel Cipra and Kirsten Lilly played in the All-County Band.

    Additionally, violinists Alexandra Hernandez, Kaetlyn Lee and Gabriel Tejeda were chosen to perform in the Long Island String Festival Association’s Nassau Intermediate Festival, to be held at Uniondale High School in March.

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The Recreation Department is offering an Early Bird Special for a limited period of time. We will be taking early bird registrations from Thursday, March 2nd through Monday, March 13th. Once the special pricing period is over we will continue our summer registrations at the regular rates of $399 per child, $349 for siblings and $499 for non-residents.

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