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    Pre-K Registration

    Dear Parents and Community Members,

    A limited number of spots are still available for parents interested in enrolling their eligible child in the District’s Universal Pre-Kindergarten for the 2019-20 school year.

    The program is a full-day, five-day per week program for children turning four-years old by December 1, 2019. Children must also reside within the Island Park School District and meet all health and immunization requirements. Enrollment is limited so get your application in today!      

    UPK registration will be at Francis X. Hegarty School on Tuesday, April 9, 2019 by appointment only. Please call the Francis X. Hegarty School 434-2670/71 between 8am-4pm for your registration packet and to schedule an appointment.

    The day of your appointment, please bring:

    • Child’s Birth Certificate confirming your child will be four years of age on or before December 1, 2019.
    • 3 Proofs of Residency confirming you are a full-time resident of Island Park (e.g., driver’s license, telephone bill, deed to home, bank statement, etc.).
    • Updated physical and immunization documents from your child’s pediatrician.

    If more applications are received than slots available, a special board meeting will be held at a later date. Please call (516) 434-2670 for additional information.

    Should other openings occur during the school year, those children not selected at the lottery will be notified in the order in which their name was selected.

    Thank you for your continued support of the Island Park Schools.

    Island Park Public Schools
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    Letter From Superintendent NYSED Testing Program

    Dear Parents & Families,

    In a few weeks, the New York State Grades 3-8 English Language Arts (ELA) and Mathematics Tests will be administered to students. The ELA exam will be administered on April 2nd and April 3rd and the Mathematics exam will be administered on May 1st and May 2nd.

    Over the past few years, the New York State Education Department (NYSED) has instituted several encouraging changes to the annual ELA and math testing program that I would like to share with you. Below you will find a summary of the changes that were made to the Grades 3-8 English Language Arts and Mathematics Tests as well as Teacher and Principal Annual Professional Performance Review (APPR) over the past several years.

    Changes to the NYS Testing Program

    • Fewer testing sessions and questions. Last year, the Grades 3–8 ELA and Math Tests were reduced from three test sessions per subject to only two sessions per subject, meaning each subject originally designed to be 90 minutes in length on each day is now designed to be the same length over two days. The tests now have fewer questions, lessening fatigue for students and better enabling them to demonstrate what they know and are able to do.
    • Despite their design, the tests continue to be untimed so students who are still working on their exams will be allowed to continue to work at their own pace.
    • Test questions were reviewed and written by New York State Teachers, not a testing corporation. Hundreds of New York State educators were involved in creating and reviewing questions for 2019 Grades 3-8 ELA and math Tests and selecting the questions for the test forms.

    Changes to Teacher and Principal Evaluation/APPR

    • Student performance on the 2019 Grades 3-8 ELA and Mathematics Tests will have no employment-related consequences for teachers and principals evaluations. This means the evaluations of teachers and principals in New York State public schools will not be affected by the results of the 2019 Grades 3-8 ELA and math Tests.

    Release of Test Questions and Instructional Reports 

    • Test questions and instructional reports will be released before the end of the school year. This means teachers and principals will review all relevant data from the tests to help them evaluate current instructional programs and practices as well as address students’ needs during the last month of school. This same data will continue to be used in September by students’ new teachers.

    The demands of today's world require that our students learn and master many skills. Today’s students are learning and growing in an ever-changing knowledge-based, highly technological world which necessitates that students master higher-order thinking skills and that they are able to see the relationships among seemingly diverse concepts. In the Island Park UFSD we pride ourselves on offering students many instructional, extra-curricular, and recreational opportunities to practice and hone in on these crucial 21st Century skills. In addition, we focus on other important skills needed for college and the workplace such as teamwork, collaboration, and character building, traits that cannot be measured by traditional tests. 

    As a school district, we also acknowledge the need to measure student achievement, growth, and progress using multiple measures of student performance rather than a test score on a single assessment.  We understand and value the approach of using multiple measures of student performance and use the scores from the NYS Testing Program as only one of the several measures used to help us gauge each student’s performance, achievement and to measure the impact of our instructional programs and practices.

    How Test Data is Used

    Data from the NYS Testing Program is only one of several measures used by the District to assess student performance as well as the effectiveness of instructional programs and practices. Test questions and instructional reports will be released by NYSED on or around June 1. This early date gives teachers and principals time to use the information before the end of the school year in the following ways:

    • Teachers and the principal identify achievement gaps that exist among different student populations.
    • Teachers and the principal examine current district curricula to identify achievement gaps and the resources required to fill each gap.
    • Teachers learn about each student’s strengths and for the purpose of individualizing instruction.
    • Teachers determine strategies that are working well and those which are not.
    • Teachers identify the skills that individual students and groups of students have mastered and, therefore, do not require re-teaching; in this way, instructional time can be spent targeting skills that are still developing.
    • Student data is stored in our Instructional Data Warehouse (IDW), the district’s repository for student data collected from multiple sources and organized for analyses and reporting. The IDW provides a wide variety of reports for all NYS assessments so that students’ longitudinal growth can be measured over several years’ time. In this way, trends that emerge over time can also be corrected.

    How Parents Can Use the 2019 Grades 3-8 ELA and Math Test Results

    We anticipate NYSED will make test results available in August along with redesigned score reports. Shortly after the release of the results, parent reports will be uploaded into the “Student Portfolio” section of Parent Portal.  The Commissioner says the updated reports will be easier to understand and provide more information about what students should know and be able to do at each grade level. We encourage parents to use these reports in the following ways:

    • Use your child’s score report as one measure to guide a discussion with your child’s teacher(s) about additional supports that may be helpful in school, as well as ways to support your child’s learning at home.
    • See State test results as just one measure of your child’s achievement. Use the information from the reports to compare progress and achievement against report card grades which are cumulative (based on many factors over time, including attendance, work habits, class participation, homework, quizzes, tests, and other instructional activities) and establish the picture of a child’s true academic achievement.
    • Use the information to compare your child’s performance to other students across the State, especially with respect to specific skills and concept areas. For example, the ELA report gives scores for both reading and writing; the math report gives scores for the key math concepts for your child’s grade level. 

    Academic Intervention Services (ELA & Math Lab)

    Beginning September 2019, we have redesigned our ELA and math Lab practices. ELA and math Lab teachers will predominantly spend their time assisting students within the confines of the students’ regularly scheduled ELA and math classes in lieu of pulling students out to receive additional support.

    Thus, based upon the changes made by NYSED to the annual Testing Program and the District’s approach to using the data produced from these assessments, we are encouraging our families to have their students in grades 3- 8, participate in the ELA and Mathematics tests scheduled in the spring of 2019.


    Rosmarie Bovino
    Superintendent of Schools       

    Vincent Randazzo                                             
    Assistant Superintendent

    Island Park Public Schools
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    Regular Business Meeting


    N O T I C E

    Regular Business Meeting

    March 25, 2019
    at 7:00 pm
    in the Conference Center

    -Student of the Month Recognition
    -School Report Card
    -UPK Progress & State Audit

    Marianne DeCicco
    District Clerk


    Island Park Public Schools
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    Island Park Recognizes January Students of the Month

    At the Island Park Public Schools’ Feb. 25 Board of Education Meeting, Students of the Month were honored and district updates were shared.  

    Francis X. Hegarty Elementary School and Lincoln Orens Middle School principals Jacob Russum and Dr. Bruce Hoffman announced the January Students of the Month from both schools. Liv Sundquist (kindergarten), Patrick Colletti (grade 1), Nicholas Colon (grade 2), Steven Perez Escobar (grade 3), Richard Pompa (grade 4), Nickolle Guevara (grade 5), Kieren Emerson (grade 6), Allyson Baetiong (grade 7) and Ava Rumore (grade 8) received medals and certificates of excellence, and the principals read remarks from teachers that described the ways these students demonstrate positive characteristics and serve as role models.

    The district’s legal counsel, Robert Cohen, shared an update on the Town of Hempstead IDA Board’s consideration of the Avalon Bay Harbor Isle Project’s PILOT request. After initially voting the application down, the Town reconsidered it on Feb. 19 and approved the 15-year PILOT. Avalon Bay made a small change to the PILOT schedule, which amounts to 1% more in revenues to the school district over the full span of the PILOT.

    Business Official Albert Chase provided a presentation on the tax levy. The district’s calculated tax levy limit is 1.46%, and the 2019-20 proposed budget will be below the cap. The district is always looking for cost-savings and efficiencies, and one step it is taking currently is to maximize the interest for its funds. Increasing the interest rates is expected to bring approximately $55,000-$60,000 in additional revenue.

    Island Park Public Schools
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    Little Doctors Lend Helping Hands

    Student Council members from Island Park’s Lincoln Orens Middle School eagerly took on jobs that made a difference on Jan. 31, during the district’s annual blood drive. The group of “Little Doctors” volunteered hours of their time to support the New York Blood Center by escorting participants, writing thank you cards and distributing snacks and juice to donators.   

    As a result of the students’ efforts and community’s participation, 30 pints of blood were donated – equivalent to 90 lives saved. The Little Doctors Program is organized by the New York Blood Center and is designed for faculty members and students at elementary and middle school levels to increase their knowledge and understanding about the science of blood and the body’s circulatory system as well as to learn about volunteerism and community service.

    Island Park Public Schools
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    The Momo Challenge

    February 28, 2019

    Dear Parents,

    It was brought to our attention that some students have been exposed to “The Momo Challenge” on social media that they have viewed at home or at friends’ homes. 

    This “challenge” entices students into risky behavior that could result in the ultimate challenge of taking one’s life.  “Momo” is a scary doll-like figure that reportedly sends graphic violent images and asks users to partake in dangerous challenges like waking up at random hours to self-harm.  Momo is heavily linked to apps such as Facebook, Whatsapp, YouTube, YouTube Kids, Peppa Pig videos, and games such as Fortnite.  Therefore, we urge parents to check their child’s phone and other electronic devices daily and talk to their children about what they are doing on social media.  We suggest keeping all devices out of childrens’ bedrooms and only in family areas where they can be supervised. 

    It may also be helpful to advise your children not to search for such content or forward any related content to others.  In addition, children should not respond to any content received from unknown senders.  Parents are encouraged to communicate to their children that, while using an electronic device, they must show them anything that seems questionable, inappropriate, or harmful.  It is also helpful to have a universal charging station at home so that the content on such devices can be monitored.  The National Online Safety website offers Top Tips for Parents about Momo.  It can be accessed at https://nationalonlinesafety.com/resources/platform-guides/momo-online-safety-guide-for-parents/.

    As always, it is critical to teach our children about acceptable use of technology in this day and time.  Please take a few minutes to discuss this with your child as we will continue to do so in school.  If you have any questions or concerns, you may contact either Ms. Carranza (School Social Worker at FXH) at 516-434-2685 or Mrs. Janofsky (School Social Worker at LOMS) at 516-434-2640. 


    Jacob M. Russum
    Principal, F.X. Hegarty Elementary School

    Bruce Hoffman, Ed.D.
    Principal, Lincoln Orens Middle School

    Island Park Public Schools
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    100 Radcliffe Road
    Island Park, N.Y.



    April 9, 2019                           
    9:00 A.M. – 11:30 A.M.
    1:00 P.M. -    3:00 P.M.                              

              In order to register for September 2019 classes: 

    1. Child must be 4 years of age by December 1, 2019 
    1. Please bring the following: 
    • original birth certificate
    • three (3) proofs of residency
    • immunization records and current physical 

      Call 434-2670 for an appointment between 9:00 a.m. & 3:30 p.m.

    Island Park Public Schools
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    Island Park Music Program Well-Represented at Prominent Festivals

    The Island Park Public Schools commend a total of 17 Lincoln Orens Middle School students that were accepted to prestigious musical ensembles. They were selected based on their outstanding performances at last year’s New York State School Music Association Solo Evaluation Festival, and represent some of the most talented and skilled music students on Long Island.

    Fifteen students earned moments in the spotlight at the Nassau Music Educators Association’s All-County concerts, which were held in January at the Tilles Center for the Performing Arts. Gabriel Tajeda and Kirsten Lilly participated in the Division III orchestra and band, respectively, while Erin KhanKhan and Fabianna Boncina performed in the Division III chorus. Division II featured Joseph Zheng in the band; Marysol Alvarado, Nikki Kane and Ava Mosey in the chorus and Juliana Michaelson in the orchestra. For Division I, Lincoln Orens was represented by Angelina Deik, Rachel Guzman, Olivia Torres and Lara Vardar in the chorus; Benedict Baetiong in the band and Summer Millares in the orchestra.

    Three orchestra students were granted spots in the Long Island String Festival Association’s Nassau Intermediate Festival, and will perform in concerts for their respective grade levels at Uniondale High School in March. Congratulations to violinists Lara Vardar and Allyson Baetiong and bassist Steven Misrok.

    Island Park Public Schools
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    Island Park Honors Science Stars

    Students at Island Park’s Lincoln Orens Middle School were commended for their excellent research work during the annual Science Fair Awards Breakfast, held on Feb. 1. The honorees were selected as winners in the building’s Science Fair in January, and were formally recognized by Superintendent of Schools Dr. Rosmarie Bovino, Assistant Superintendent Vincent Randazzo, Principal Dr. Bruce Hoffman and science teachers Karen Davis, Kristiana Sefchek, and Philip DeSantis . 

    A total of 36 students that worked in groups, pairs or as individuals were awarded based on their excellent presentation of scientific research and experiments on various topics.

    The top 10 eighth-grade projects are: “Water Filtration,” “Smelly Science – A Sniff Test,” Which moisturizer works best to keep skin moist,” “Gold vs. Bacteria,” “Do eco-friendly cleaning products or chemical based cleaning products work better,” “Erosion be gone,” “Is our environment going down the drain,” “Survival of the meat,” “How does fabric softener affect the flammability of different fabrics” and “Hair Care 101 – color treated shampoos exposed.”

    The winning seventh-grade projects are titled, “Sunlight or Artificial Light,” “Graffiti Removal,” “Comparing Sugar and Sugar Substitutes,” “How Do Different Scents Affect Your Memories,” “Hyderoponics vs. Soil,” “Electrolyte Challenge, “Solar Panels – The Wave of the Future,” “What is the Effect of Using Different Solutions to Grow Crystals,” “Does Age Affect How People Perceive Optical Illusions” and “Power of the Teenage Mind.”

    “Congratulations – I commend you for the hard work you have done and the wonderful projects you have created,” Dr. Hoffman said. “I expect to see all of our students continue to compete in future science research fairs.”

    Island Park Public Schools
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    Island Park Students Promote Kindness

    Island Park students showed their good character when they participated in No Name-Calling Week between Jan. 22-25. This annual program strives to promote a culture of kindness and safe, caring learning environments.

     Lincoln Orens Middle School guidance counselor Andrea Porzelt and Francis X. Hegarty Elementary School social worker Felicita Carranza coordinated a series of activities and lessons that emphasized positive behaviors and actions.  

    Lincoln Orens teachers presented “Caught You Being Nice” certificates to students who they observed to be helping make the school and community a safer and more caring place. The middle school students also listened to a No Name-Calling Week poem written by Student Council members.

    Hegarty students heard morning announcements about kindness and attended “Chat and Chew” conversations led by Ms. Carranza during lunch periods. The discussions focused on topics such as standing up for others and being nice. Additionally, students created snowflakes that featured uplifting words. 

    Students and staff members dressed to show their passion for the week’s mission. Those at Hegarty donned jerseys in an effort to “Team Up Against Teasing” and wore athletic gear representing that “It’s no sweat to be a friend to someone.” Mismatched clothing was popular on “Mix it up Day” and the halls were filled with school colors on “School Pride Day.” Lincoln Orens students sported different colors based on the qualities encompassed within the Six Pillars of Character: trustworthiness, respect, responsibility, fairness, caring and citizenship.

    Students at both schools vowed to carry these initiatives into the future and signed No Name-Calling Week Pledges.

    Island Park Public Schools
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    Honoring Island Park’s December Students of the Month

    The Island Park Public Schools’ Jan. 28 Board of Education Meeting featured Student of the Month recognitions and district updates.  

    Francis X. Hegarty Elementary School and Lincoln Orens Middle School principals Jacob Russum and Dr. Bruce Hoffman announced the December Students of the Month from both schools. Gianna Caggiano (kindergarten), Tyler Adman (grade 1), Evan Price (grade 2), Isabella Dervisevic (grade 3), Benjamin Cipolla (grade 4), Joseph Olshwitz (grade 5), Kaylie McCabe (grade 6), Michael Ducorsky (grade 7) and Brianna Cadiz (grade 8) received medals and certificates of excellence, and the principals read remarks from teachers that described the ways these students demonstrate positive characteristics and serve as role models.

    Superintendent of Schools Dr. Rosmarie Bovino shared the announcement that the district has partnered with the Long Beach Public Schools to enable Lincoln Orens students to participate on the Long Beach Middle School wrestling team. Plans for football participation are in the works for the fall.

    Dr. Bovino also provided an update on bond construction and noted that, due to the planned summer projects, the summer recreation program may not run in 2019. Final arrangements regarding the projects are underway and alternate arrangements will be explored.  Definite information will be provided to parents within the next two weeks. The projects include installation of new PA, fire and alarm systems at both schools, upgrade to the LOMS generator, installation of a new FXH generator, asbestos abatement at both schools, new heating and air conditioning systems at LOMS, and first stage of air conditioning work at FXH.

    Island Park Public Schools
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    Island Park Students Reap the Rewards of Reading

    Students at the Island Park Public Schools’ Francis X. Hegarty Elementary School strengthened their reading skills through smiles and laughter during the Reading Rampage – Reading is Rewarding assembly program, led by ventriloquist Steve Petra. Held on Jan. 31 in the gymnasium, this event covered an assortment of English Language Arts concepts that are important for reading and writing.

    The program was presented in two back-to-back sessions; one for third- and fourth-grade students and the other for grades K-2. Petra provided interactive, age-appropriate lessons that brought the classroom curriculum to life and engaged audience members in exciting and educational shows.

    Special thanks go to the Island Park PTA for sponsoring this event and making it possible!

    Island Park Public Schools
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    Transportation Application Private and Parochial School Students

    To the Parents/Guardians of

    Private and Parochial School Students: 

    Residents of the Island Park School District with children that will be attending a private or parochial school during the 2019-2020 school year, must submit a transportation application to the Transportation Department on or before April 1, 2019. Island Park residents must use our application as we will not accept any private/parochial school’s applications.  An application is enclosed with this letter.  It is also posted on the District’s website, www.ips.k12.ny.us and copies may be picked up at the Transportation Office.  The top of the form must be completely filled out by a parent/guardian.  The application must then be completed and verified by the school the student is attending.  Please do not delay in submitting this form, a delay in response from the school will not change a missed deadline.  


    Please be advised that enrolling a student in a school after the April 1st deadline does not constitute a reasonable excuse for the failure to submit a timely transportation request to our office. If you are awaiting acceptance from a school(s), you should complete an application prior to the April 1st deadline for each school that your child might attend.  Transportation authorization is not automatic or continuous from one school year to the next.  A request must be filled out for each individual child, each school year. (Example: If 4 children in the household are attending, then you must submit 4 applications each year).  All new residents and students who move within the Island Park School District must prove residency.  Mrs. Paula Di Lorenzo can be reached at (516) 434-2618 if you have any questions concerning the registration procedures.

    Transportation is not provided for schools over 15 miles from the student’s home.  It is understood that transportation will not be provided on the following days: Columbus Day, Veteran’s Day, Thanksgiving Day, Christmas Day, the day after Christmas, New Year’s Day, Martin Luther King Day, Presidents Day, Memorial Day, and Labor Day.  In addition, each general election day and any day appointed by the President of the United States or by the Governor of New York may be declared public holidays.  There will be no bus service for orientation days that are prior to the Island Park School District’s opening date.  If the Island Park School District is closed for inclement weather, there will be no transportation provided for any school and that will include any private/parochial schools. If the District is operating on a delayed opening schedule all schools will be on this delay.  School closing information can be found on the District website, Facebook page and Channel 12 News.  Please refer to the District calendar for further information.

    If you have any questions, please contact this office at (516) 434-2607/2608.


    Mrs. Kelly Angelo
    Transportation Supervisor

    Island Park Public Schools
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    Summer Recreation Programs

    An important message from the Superintendent of Schools

    Re:  Summer Recreation Programs 

    Alternate Summer Recreation Programs may be planned as the District moves forward with planning the summer construction projects.    It is likely that the summer recreation program will not run during the summer of 2019.  Alternate arrangements are being planned and definite information will be provided to parents within the next two weeks.  If you have any questions, please contact the Superintendent’s Office at 434-2610.

    Island Park Public Schools
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    IP Alumni Share College Experiences

    Two alumni of the Island Park Public Schools, Samantha Reichert and Stella Smith, were among eight members of a panel that addressed juniors and seniors at Long Beach High School on Jan. 4. Samantha and Stella both went on to attend and graduate from Long Beach High School following their years at Lincoln Orens Middle School, and now attend St. John’s University and SUNY Geneseo, respectively.

    The current college freshmen took the spotlight and shared their first semester experiences with high school students. They discussed highlights and challenges in a range of topics such as dorm environments, classes and majors, schedules, time management, campus activities, roommates, budgeting and more.

    Island Park Public Schools
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    12/14/18: Settlement between LIPA and Brookhaven Town have Implications for Island Park

    A settlement agreement between LIPA and Brookhaven Town was reached in mid-December. It includes a reduction in taxes LIPA pays for its Port Jefferson power station of approximately 50% over nine years, beginning  

    2OI9-2020. This means LIPA’s annual taxes will go from $32.ó million to just over $1ó.8 million. Thus, the tax burden of $15.8 million will gradually shift to property owners. 

    The implication is that the State Supreme Court will rule similarly on LIPA’s cases with school districts, including Island Park.  We anticipate a decision will be rendered on Island Park UFSD’s lawsuit with LIPA in early February.  An appeal by the district is planned.  

    Discussion on the issue will take place with the district’s legal counsel, Robert H. Cohen, Esq of Lamb & Barnosky LLP at the Board of Education Meeting on Monday, January 28 at approximately 7:20 PM (after Students of the Month are recognized) in the Conference Center at 99 Radcliffe Road

    Read the article attached, “State judge OKs Brookhaven – LIPA tax settlement.” 

    Island Park Public Schools
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    Harbor Isle Cleanup

    See attached: Letter to Mr. Nick Acampora - Division of Environmental Remediation

    Island Park Public Schools

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New Point of Sale System – WebSMARTT 

  • Island Park UFSD has purchased a point-of-sale system for use in the cafeterias at FX Hegarty Elementary School and Lincoln Orens Middle School.
  • The POS system, called WebSMARTT, will eliminate the pencil to paper meal tracking, which will allow for processing of meal transactions to be completed quickly and efficiently.


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