Transportation Return To In-Person Instruction

October 29, 2020

Dear Island Park Families,

The Transportation Department has completed routing all the Pre-Kindergarten through Grade 5 students for their return to in-person instruction, five (5) days per week. In order to safely transport students to and from school we had to re-route a few families based upon the capacity of the buses. Based upon our survey results, approximately 40% of our families have opted-out of transportation for the remainder of the 2020-2021 school year. To date, all of the elementary buses, Pre-Kindergarten through Grade 5, are now at full capacity and cannot accommodate any additional students. As a reminder, if the Transportation Department receives too many requests to opt back in during the school year, the district may need to move back to the hybrid model of instruction.

If you opted to have your child use bus transportation, please be aware that in addition to the District school bus safety rules outlined in the Island Park Schools transportation code of conduct, NYSED mandated guidelines must be followed at all times.

These mandates are as follows:

• Parents of all students must complete the required health screening at home prior to students boarding the bus.

• Students are required to wear masks while riding school buses. If your child does not have a mask, one will be provided for them. As a reminder, no eating or drinking is permitted on the school bus.

• The District must reduce density on the school buses. The District will assign seats and students may not change their seat without permission from the Island Park Transportation Department. Drivers are not permitted to assign and/or change student’s seats.

• As a density reduction strategy, the district will seat one student per row, all students wearing masks. (Source: National council on school facilities and cooperative strategies). This results in approximately 22 students on a 66-passenger bus.

• Siblings or those that live in the same household are allowed to sit together which may increase density on the bus.

• Use of hand sanitizer on the bus will be permitted. Students may bring their own personal-sized (8oz) bottle and sanitizer will also be available on the bus. No sharing of personal hand sanitizers is permitted.

• Due to the regulations during this pandemic, students will not be permitted to change their bus assignments. No alternate stops will be permitted. All students must use their assignment for the trip to and from school.

Please call (516) 434-2607/08 with any questions regarding your child’s transportation.

Thank you,
Mrs. Kelly Angelo, Transportation Supervisor

Transportation Message - Special Education Schools, Private and Parochial High Schools

Special Education Schools, Private and Parochial High Schools

Religious Holidays: If the district's school year is underway, but it is closed for Jewish holidays, the district transports students to their respective schools as usual.

Inclement Weather Only:
Island Park Schools Closed:
  If the Island Park Schools are closed, no bus transportation is provided by the district to any other schools.  Parents and Guardians are responsible for taking their child to school.  Generally, if you cannot take your child to school, the school designates the day a legal absence.  However, this can vary from school to school.

Island Park Schools Delayed Opening:  If the Island Park Schools has a delayed opening, you must add the number of hours in the delay to the usual pick-up time.  In other words, if your child takes an 8:15 AM bus; it will arrive at 10:15 AM in the event of a 2-hr delayed opening or 11:15 AM in the event of a 3-Hr delayed opening.  Note: the delayed pick-up is based on the number of hours announced by Island Park Schools and not that of any other school or district.  Also, dismissal time remains the same as always.